Art of Surfing

A Training Manual For The Developing And Competitive Surfer

Book Description

Surfing has evolved from a relatively obscure pastime to one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Today, there are millions of surfers across the globe. The Art of Surfing was the first book of its kind to avail participants, both beginner and advanced, with the same training and coaching principles of the more established and traditional sports. It has empowered both recreational and competitive surfers to prepare for and catch the best waves.

This thoroughly revised and updated new edition—with 160 color photos—covers boards and equipment, the anatomy of waves, body position and stance, and techniques for everything from paddling to walking the nose. Special chapters on competition and training, biomechanics, and the psychology of surfing round out this first-of-its-kind textbook for the developing surfer. Inside you'll find information on:

· The basics of boards and other gear, the anatomy of waves, and a review of basic maneuvers
· Advanced techniques for everything, from paddling to turning to walking the nose
· Basic and advanced exercises for improving flexibility, balance, and stability
· Strength-training and power-building routines
· Cardiovascular endurance workouts, as well as cross-training options
· Tips on performance nutrition, and the latest advances in sports psychology

A chapter on surf contests rounds out this coaching and training manual. Let The Art of Surfing help you develop a game plan to boost your physical, technical, and mental performance--and prepare to catch the next wave.

About Guisado, Raul

Raul Guisado grew up surfing and skiing, He has a B.A. in biological sciences from the University of California at Santa Barbara, is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and has been a sports performance coach for action sport athletes since 1995. Raul is a former World Cup/Olympic coach for the U.S. Ski Team and coached athletes who competed in the 1998, 2002, 2006, and 2010 Olympic Winter Games. 

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